The Sims Freeplay: Social Building


Sims Freplay is a mobile game available on the IOS and Android platform, it’s the one of the mobile version of the Sims series. In this game, you take control of many characters in a city and write their fictional stories in the virtual world. The game isn’t only about building a city but also about building the social links between the characters that live in it. Sims has always been about creating a social atmosphere in a virtual world where you can portray your own ideas and social perspectives.

What’s new about the recent Sims versions is the inclusion of a large scale building by giving players the ability to have control over a whole city instead of being limited to a house or a certain perimeter. But still, there’s a lot to discover with the basic features related to one or a few characters, especially if you are interested in the social aspect of the game.

Even if the game doesn’t focus on a character building on a personal level, you switch between Sims characters and modify their social and professional attributes to create different scenarios. The bad side of this feature is that it can psychologically separate the virtual character and the player. By giving the player the possibility to have control over all the other characters, he may lose focus on his main character.

The Sims Freeplay is not dedicated to one specific character that you can customize according to your personal style, it comes with a global picture about social life. It also gives the player the possibility to build a world of their own where the creativity is the only limit.

Of course, building your city can’t be done in a day, it’s required to have the adequate financial resources according to your expectations and the image of a perfect city. That’s why you should put your characters into work in order to generate cash flows that’ll enable you to customize and decorate the elements of your city. You’ll need to build the professional career of the characters to generate Simoleons and complete the in-game quests to get Lifestyle Points. These are two necessary resources if you want to prosper in the game.

What’s good about the game is that it can be played from different perspectives based on the player’s preferences. If you are passionate about building and decoration, you have a multitude of assets that you can use to create interiors that goes with your personal style. If you’re into building social relationships and the Roleplay immersion, then Sims Freeplay is an excellent alternative for mobile.