Sims Freeplay Simoleons tips


What we will be doing here is making money by selling your in-game properties. This method comes with some consequences like diminishing your town’s value and not receiving the daily bonuses. But it’s totally worth it, once you start properly you can invest later on properties. Your town’s value and daily bonuses will start to peek up again once you start spending the money. Consider it a midterm strategy that’ll benefit you a lot later on. So don’t get mad if you notice that your town’s value is always inferior to other players.

Before you can build your first Japanese Retreat, you need to gather 9000 Simoleons. You can easily do that by doing the basic activities like gardening and cooking. Building a Japanese Retreat will require 9000 Simoleons, the more properties you have the more you’ll need to pay to complete constructions. So make sure to have only one or two Japanese Retreats before getting the process started. These conditions have to be considered if you want the strategy to work.

When you’ve built the Japanese Retreat, click on the house options and sell all items individually. You’ll notice that a lot of these items are selling for many Simoleons. Sell whatever is placed on the lot, including the outdoor items that usually sell for a lot. If we do the maths, we can easily notice a revenue that exceeds by far what we’ve spent on building the house.

Now you can demolish the house to clear that lot for another Japanese Retreat. We just have to restart the process all over and get more and more Simoleons. When you have completed the process again and again, you’ll have enough resources to invest on different items afterwards. Remember that sleeping money is bad money, so you have to reinvest your earnings to prosper in the game. As we stated in the beginning, your town’s value will be impacted by the lack of buildings. What we’re going to fix that is invest in Architect Homes. These are expensive buildings that will provide a lot of value to your city. That’s how we’re going to compensate the inferiority created by the lack of buildings in our city.

By doing so, we’ll keep building our Japanese Retreats at a low cost and reselling them while having a good town value. We hope that this little trick will help you to be rich on Sims Freeplay. If want any easier way to get Simoleons & Simcash you can always use our free platform.